What is an E-commerce Website and What Does it Cost 2

What is an E-commerce Website and What Does it Cost?



What is an E-commerce Website and What Does it Cost?

An E-commerce Website is a system that allows people to purchase products or services online. Most E-commerce websites include a shopping cart and payment system as basic functions. E-commerce websites, however, can be much more intricate—including several functions such as automated shipping, inventory control, integrated newsletters, social media, and many others. Web stores also vary in size, from a few simple products, to hundreds or thousands of complicated offerings in various colours and sizes.



How do we build E-commerce?

Our E-commerce websites are built on the WordPress platform, using Woocommerce. WordPress allows us to easily customise the solution, tailoring your website to your business and needs.

To add extra functions to your website, we use plug-ins. Plug-ins are ready-made tools that make adding features easier and less expensive than with custom coding. Including extra functions, however, does add to the cost of your website. Although we do use plug-ins as the economical choice, extra features do require more time to set up and test. If several features are added to your website, custom coding can also be required should there be conflicts between the plug-ins. WordPress and plug-ins are explained further in our post Why do we use WordPress?

Other Important Costs to Consider

Now that we have the framework, we need content. Creating the content of your website can be the most expensive and time consuming portion of the project. A successful product based E-commerce website must include basic elements to be competitive—product photography and written content. These components are extremely important and must be done well. Including several accurate photos and lengthy descriptions of each product is important for many reasons: People want to know what they are buying, and you need to provide as much information as possible. Also, good photography and information conveys that your business is professional and legitimate, which in turn will give consumers more confidence. Finally, a proper amount of content will greatly improve your SEO (search engine optimisation).

Along with photography and written content, each product also needs to be “created” with all relevant information added. Again, when we add features we often need to add more information to each product. For example: You have decided to include automated shipping. Now each product and variation needs to be individually weighed and measured. Then, these weights and measurements need to be entered into the system for each individual product or variation. This will add time and cost to your project, but may be an important investment.

Finally, as with most projects, an E-commerce website can be done the cheap way or the proper way. To be competitive, you need every advantage possible. Investing in good photography and writing is important; However, it can be expensive, depending on the number of products and variations you offer. Expect to pay $300 – $500 per product for good work, and budget as much as possible for creating good content.


The pricing guides below illustrate examples of what you can expect to pay for an E-commerce website.

*Please note* Prices below include basic shopping cart functions only. Adding extra functions/plug-ins will increase the price, which can vary significantly, depending on the types and number of functions. Please see our post Why do we use WordPress? for more information about plug-ins.

Prices do not include written content or product photography.


E-commerce Foundations

*prices DO NOT include written content or product photography*

E-commerce all-in

*prices DO NOT include product photography*

E-commerce Build your Own

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Why do we use WordPress?


Why do we use WordPress?

We build every website on the WordPress platform—the most versatile CMS (content management system) on the planet. WordPress is easy to use and flexible enough to include just about any function. This is the primary reason for why WordPress has grown so much in popularity. According to a recent survey, WordPress powers 27% of all websites on the internet.



We have extensive experience building WordPress websites, integrating limitless functions. We have done it all—from basic e-commerce websites selling a few simple products, to complex systems offering hundreds of products in different colours and sizes, with thousands of variations. Features such as automated shipping, pricing rules and accounts for wholesale and distribution customers, integrated newsletters, and much more are available.


Because WordPress is a widely used and supported platform, new features and plug-ins become available every day. There are now (2017 03) almost 50 000 free plug-ins and 1000’s more available for purchase, offering an unlimited variety of features. It is now possible to include almost any feature you can think of, at a reasonable price.

What are plug-ins and why do we use them?

The reason we use plug-ins as opposed to building and coding a function by hand is simple—cost! Rather than spending, at times, hundreds of hours to code a function, we purchase a plug-in that is built to perform the desired feature—for a fraction of the cost. In general, paid plug-ins range in price from approximately $20-$200, a cost-effective way to add features. As with anything, however, there are factors to consider.

How many plug-ins can you include in your website?

This is often debated, our view is keep it simple (no more than you can justify needing). Although it can be tempting to add a ton of fancy features to your website, it is best to keep the number of plug-ins to few as you really need. The more plug-ins you install, the more potential there is for conflicts between them. These conflicts can generally be resolved with custom programming and coding, but this will add to both the timeline and cost of your project. Adding more plug-ins can also affect the performance of your website, as the added functions cause the system to have to work harder.

Our advice is to stick to the features you need. If your website depends on a wide variety of functions, there may be extra time and work needed to make sure they all behave well together. In our experience, even when certain conflicts need custom programming to be resolved, it is still far less expensive and time consuming than building a function from scratch.

What kinds of features can your website include?

The list is almost endless—with virtually any modern feature available, such as:

  • Automated shipping (connection to shipper and label creation)
  • Integrated inventory control
  • Booking calendars
  • Integrated accounting
  • Newsletters
  • Visual colour pickers for products
  • Picture zoom
  • Pricing rules/accounts for wholesale/distributor customers

Responsive Behaviour

With ever increasing smartphone and tablet use, a responsive website is an absolute must. This is no longer a feature that is “nice to have”, it is a necessary function for any website in 2017. Every website we build is responsive.

WordPress websites, when built with a good theme, feature solid responsive behaviour. With WordPress, gone are the days of including a “mobile version” of your website. On this platform, your website is built to respond to the screen on which it is being viewed. Accordingly, the look of your website will change according to the device being used.



The Website that Grows with your Business

The WordPress platform makes adding new products or services to your website much easier. We begin by building your website with your current product offering. While your business grows and new products become available, we simply add them to your store.

Making visual changes is also easy and much faster with WordPress. Quickly change banners, advertisements, or even colours, design, and layouts without having to remake your website.

During our 20 years of experience building websites, we have come to appreciate the power of WordPress. With ever-growing possibilities, we can accomplish virtually anything.








What is a Brochureware Website and What does it Cost 2

What is a Brochureware Website and What Does it Cost?



What is a Brochureware Website and What Does it Cost?

A Brochureware Website is as it suggests, an online brochure. We define a Brochureware website as any site that stops short of E-commerce, which would include a shopping cart. Brochureware, however, can still include limitless features and be just as complex.

With our experience and technical know-how, we design and build Brochureware websites of any size and complexity. From a simple 1 page website outlining information about your business, to a comprehensive, multi-page project with integrated functions, we can expertly accommodate the needs of any business.

The needs, budgets, and goals vary from business to business. Therefore, so will the intricacy of the solution. The size of business, the type of business, and what the business hopes to achieve with an online presence, are all variables.

Because we build every website on the WordPress platform, the number of available functions and possibilities is almost endless. Therefore, we can include such functions as integrated social media, integrated newsletters, events calendars, and much more. Rather than spending extra time and money coding, we purchase ready-made, available plug-ins. Learn more about plug-ins in our post Why do we use WordPress?

Although using plug-ins is the economical choice for adding features to your website, they do still require work and expertise to integrate into your website. This, in turn, does add to the cost of a Brochureware website.

A standard Brochureware website will include: A professionally designed website with easy navigation, search engine optimisation (SEO), 1 basic – 1 hour WordPress orientation session teaching you the basics of how to use your website, and as always, our one-on-one working style.

The pricing guides below illustrate what you can expect to pay for a Brochureware Website. Listed are several examples of common websites.

Please contact us for a precise quote.

Brochureware Foundations

All-in Brochureware

Build your own Brochureware


How do we Design and Build a Website?



How do we Design and Build a Website?

The personal, experienced, detailed approach

During our nearly 20 years of experience building websites, we have learned how important it is to work one-on-one with each client.

While working on your project, we will regularly meet in person—actually building parts of your website with you (as long as you are in the GTA). You participate, you contribute in real-time decision making as your project progresses—choosing colours, layouts, pictures, etc. This one-on-one collaboration is a proven method to complete your project fast and efficiently. This approach is far more effective than wasting days and weeks communicating back and forth by email or playing phone-tag.

In addition to our working style, experience has also given us the insight we need to manage often overlooked details. These finer points can actually make a big difference in the functionality and maintenance of your website and digital presence. Our experience has not only taught us how to manage the building of a website, but also how to deal with problems. When issues arise, we have the know-how to fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The one stop

We offer the full range of website design and build services—from helping with domain name registration and hosting, to complete website design, build, and launch. We design and build websites of any size and complexity, including E-commerce solutions. Shopping cart-checkout, payment systems, shipping, and social media connections for sharing or automatic sharing, are all easily integrated using the WordPress platform.

We build every WordPress website with only the cleanest, easy to use, responsive themes. This ensures that your website will look great on both mobile phones and tablets. This also ensures that with training, you will be equipped to make basic changes and updates yourself.


We will train you to change wording, update products, make blog posts, change seasonal business hours, change notices for upcoming events, and many other simple tasks easily. With more advanced training, you can be taught to add products and how to prepare images with proper names and sizes. This will allow you to improve SEO on your own as you add more content to your website—empowering and enabling you to have greater control over your digital presence.

The website that grows with your business

Your new WordPress website features the most versatile CMS (content management system) on the planet. We use WordPress exclusively, as it is easy to use and flexible enough to build virtually anything. This is why WordPress has grown so much in popularity.

As of January, 2017, WordPress powers 27% of all websites on the internet. With such wide usage, new, more powerful tools become available every day. Our WordPress websites can integrate with almost anything, including accounting, e-commerce, CRMs, newsletters, and thousands of other plug-ins/extensions.



Our approach to web design combines these important elements:

Design – using modern, clean design to attract and engage users. We integrate elements of interest such as banners, photography, and videos.

Functionality – we use the latest tools and integrate any necessary feature(s), with customer usability always in mind.

Technical details – our experience ensures that technical details are expertly handled, helping avoid issues and problems.

Features and Options

Every website we build includes the features listed below:

  • Clean, modern design
  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive/Mobile compatible – your website will adapt to smaller devices (iphone, ipad)
  • Google maps with easy one click ‘get directions’
  • One-on-one personal training so you will be able to make your own changes
  • Retina compatible – looks beautiful on smartphones and tablets
  • Instant search – your site’s visitors get results while typing (just like google search)
  • Video support – supports videos from any major video hosting service, such as youtube and vimeo
  • mp3/podcast support – supports audio from any major audio hosting service, such as SoundCloud
  • Unlimited colour options
  • Contact forms add/remove/modify the available inputs, text areas, drop-downs, and checkboxes
  • 20+ different languages included for back-end, set your native language
  • Clean programming – well organized, commented & clean code
  • Focus on typography, usability and user-experience
  • Easy to use drag and drop for page building – almost any layout imaginable is possible
  • Easy to use admin area
  • Free access to how-to videos online
  • Google analytics
  • Site stats and spam shield

Every website we build has the available options listed below:

  • Translation ready
  • E-commerce ready
  • SSL ready (site security for submitting credit cards or private information in an encrypted browser session)
  • Multi language ready
  • Mailchimp Newsletter Integration
  • Events Calendar and Events Calendar ready for selling bookings or selling tickets to paid events
  • Gift certificates can be available to purchase or accompany any purchase allowing users to always have a coupon to come back for more
  • Access to millions of ready made plug-ins and extensions, making virtually anything possible
  • Custom plug-ins
  • CRM integration
  • Google webmaster tools integration (connected to Google analytics)
  • 2D + 3D layerslider Slideshow
  • 2D easy slider for slideshow creation in seconds
  • Multiple slideshows possible. You can add multiple to each post, page
  • Video slideshows with support for Youtube, Vimeo and self hosted videos

Whether you need a simple brochureware site or a comprehensive e-commerce system, let us work with you to create a strong solution.

See our post Why do we use WordPress? for more information.