Facebook Ad Campaign

We executed a simple Facebook ad campaign to engage with new audiences, generate leads, and begin building relationships through providing value.

Campaign objective:
Gain brand awareness and generate leads from a new audience, with a series of 4 video ads.

Ad Content:
Each video ad promoted a different blog post, each related to gourmet food, and encouraged the view to click to read the article. The viewer was then encouraged to join the mailing list once he or she reached the website.

Follow Up:
After joining the mailing list, the viewer will now receive a “welcome series” of emails, which provide even more informative content relating to gourmet food.


Video #1

A simple brand awareness ad, to introduce our cold audience to Cheesyplace.

Video #2

Links to “How I Became a Cheese Expert in 3 Easy Steps” blog post.

Video #3

Links to “8 Essential Tips to Becoming a Wine & Cheese Pairing Pro” blog post.

Video #4

Shows the story of the Cheese of the Month Club, how it is packaged and then un-packaged. A coupon for a free gourmet food item is offered with the first order.


Holiday Facebook Ad Campaign

Campaign objective:
Encourage current customers, mailing list subscribers, and any audience members that have interacted with Cheesyplace to purchase the “Christmas Special Edition Gift Selection” boxes and/or the “Cheese of the Month Club” as holiday gifts, with a series of 2 video ads.

Ad Content:
Each video ad promoted either the “Christmas Special Edition Gift Selection” boxes or the “Cheese of the Month Club”.

The “Christmas Special Edition Gift Selection” boxes ad was run first, starting in late November. These boxes required pre-ordering, with the box being shipped the week of December 17.

The “Cheese of the Month Club” ad was run afterwards, starting in mid-December. The Cheese of the Month Club was being advertised as a “last-minute” gift, as the first month is not shipped until January. These ads ran until January 6, the last day to order to receive the January box.

Video #1

“Christmas Special Edition Gift Selection” boxes video ad.

Video #2

“Cheese of the Month Club” video ad.