Writing for web, integrating SEO techniques.



Clear, professional content for all printed materials.


Web & Print

Whether creating written copy for a website, catalogue, brochure, report, or newsletter, clear, concise writing is essential. Properly written copy makes the difference when creating clean, professional marketing material.

It is very important that your message be delivered clearly when communicating to your customers and potential customers.

We offer different levels of writing services, priced according to your needs and budget.

Basic Writing

This service is ideal if you are providing us with all the content, but just need help “cleaning it up” and formatting it properly. This is the best option if operating with a smaller budget. Simply provide us with basic content and we will transform it into well written, professional copy.

Comprehensive Writing

The comprehensive writing service is perfect if you have some of the content, but need some extra research.

Once we have gathered the necessary information and have consulted with you regarding the content, the information will be written into properly formatted copy, according to your needs.

Custom Writing

This is a popular service for those who need a piece written, but do not have any content to provide.

This means that we do the research, gather the content, then write the copy.


Writing for web is similar to writing for print. However, when writing for web, we must always write with SEO in mind. The SEO rules and techniques must be incorporated into the written copy.

Whether writing product descriptions, information about your business, biographies, or blog posts, writing for web must always be written to include SEO.


Writing for print can include almost anything, such as product descriptions, business information, or services.

Whether printing a brochure, catalogue, menu, or even postcards, it is important that your communication to your customers be clear, concise, and professional. Well written copy conveys your message and gives your customers confidence.

For more information about writing, please read our blog post Why is Well-Written Marketing Material so Important?



Basic Writing
starting at $1 000
  • 1 000 words
  • all content provided by customer
Comprehensive writing
starting at $2 000
  • 1 000 words
  • some content provided by customer
  • some research required
Custom writing
starting at $2 500
  • 1 000 words
  • No content provided by customer