What is a Brand Bible/Style Guide?

A Brand Bible/Style Guide is a manual custom made for your company once your branding has been completed.

The Brand Bible includes a complete set of rules to guide and explain brand implementation. In order to avoid misuse or ineffectual use, the guide provides the necessary information to properly use the name, logo, and philosophy statement in any digital or printed form. Your brand, as a result, remains tightly consistent everywhere it is used.

What Does the Guide Include?

The guide includes specifications and rules for the font used in your brand’s “wordmark”, if a custom font is not created. Font faces, font weights, uses, and restrictions are included.

Also, we specify your colour palette in CMYK, Pantone Coated and Uncoated, RGB, and even HEX codes. You receive guidelines that specify important rules such as spacing. The details included in your Brand Bible will depend on the type you select.

We offer three types of Brand Bibles to choose from, pick according to your budget and needs:

Basic – The basic guide includes simple guidelines, including a basic set of rules for brand implementation. This guide is suitable for smaller businesses. Under 10 pages.

Thorough – This thorough guide includes a more robust set of guidelines, including all colour variations and logo configurations. Under 25 pages.

Complete – The complete guide includes a complete set of guidelines, including all possible configurations and variations, as well as a multitude of sample implementations.

As with almost anything, investing now to put the rules in place means less time and money is spent later. A strong brand is only going to be as strong as its rules. Putting the extra time in now and investing in a strong foundation will serve your organisation for years to come.

Below is a pricing guide outlining our three types of Brand Bibles.


Pricing Guide

$5 000
  • simple guidelines
  • basic set of rules for brand implementation
  • under 10 pages
  • $2 500 deposit
$10 000
  • robust guidelines
  • several colour variations, logo configurations
  • under 25 pages
  • $5 000 deposit
$25 000+
  • complete guidelines
  • all possible configurations and variations
  • multitude of sample implementations
  • $10 000 retainer

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